In full glory, I cross over time.

Tentation was constructed on August 13, 2012. I have always wanted to run this band's fanlisting, so when the chance arose and it freed up on TFL, I applied. Thank you so much for approving me! :) I wanted to own this fanlisting for several reasons. The first is rather obvious - this band is absolutely amazing. They have a rare sound that is hard to find elsewhere, and they are always improving with each song they release.

Perhaps more importantly, Moi Dix Mois is a band that holds a tremendous amount of sentimental value to me. I listened to them for at least half of my childhood and I have a ton of memories associated with their music. When any song from Dix Infernal plays, I am reminded of lazy summer days spent in a Florida vacation house with my family or napping on the drive there. I am reminded of times hanging out with a friend I hardly see anymore. I am reminded of practicing and improving my web design skills or writing stories. They are a band I have and will always listen to, love, and idolize and I will forever associate a myriad of nostalgic memories with them.